BC Big Bud Strain

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A cousin to the indica-prevailing Big Bud Strain is from Amsterdam. BC Big Bud is a for the most part sativa cross breed with strong cerebral impacts. This fruity, citrus-smelling strain hailing from English Columbia delivers a decent blend of indica. Likewise, it conveys sativa sensations just as help to agony and sickness.

As its name recommends, BC Big Bud plants produce goliath gathers after its 8 to multi week blooming period that have the two cultivators and customers swooning. Purchase top quality Big Bud Strain online from our shop.

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5 reviews for BC Big Bud Strain

  1. Tyrese Jimmy

    Nice relaxing high. Almost pushes you into your couch high 😂 10/10

  2. Becky Sills

    Fantastic strain. Great uplifting mind high. Still allows you to relax and zone out if you prefer. Great looking buds, with a great smell and taste.

  3. Nicolas Herve

    Un Bon Power Hybrid ahah Cerebral un px high mais tombe vite vers le indica ! bon beau gouteux !

  4. Jacob Movid

    Great kush smell to it!, was crossed with and a price to good to hold out on so I had to try a bag! EVERYTHING from B.C is usually pretty good!

  5. Dre Rodney

    Makes you feel like everything is like a dream and it’s all 1 dimensional and makes you wanna bounce up and down. Definitely coming back for more

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